Unipunch Unitized Tooling

unipunch-machine-and-logothink-outside-the-boxWhy should Unipunch Tooling be one of your fabricating options?

  • Unipunch Tooling is frequently used to relieve pressure on CNC equipment
  • Unipunch set-ups run some parts faster than a CNC machine
  • Unipunch set-up templates can be run on your turret press or laser
  • Unipunch Tooling offers total flexibility and a fraction the cost of hard dies
  • Unipunch Tooling has very short set-up times – great for repeat short – medium run jobs
  • Unipunch Tooling can be run on brakes or stamping presses at much lower shop rates than CNC machines
  • Unipunch products is the world leader in Unitized Tooling
  • Kraus Company has represented Unipunch since 1980 and can show you how this tooling system will work in concert with your existing fabricating equipment to add productivity and flexibility to your sheet metal processing.

We can provide case studies and sample part drawings to show you how other smart manufacturers reduced their costs using Unipunch Tooling.


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