Specials 2

Standing Seam Dies

ss9 ss18
SS-9 SS-18
Starts a standing seam to be closed by flattening die in second operation. Popular die set produces standing seam in two strokes
ss45a ss45ab
SS-45A SS-45B
Form double standing seams in two operations.

Curling Dies

crl-11 crl-22
CRL-11 CRL-22
Used to form curls of 3/8″ diameter and larger in three strokes.
Used to form off center and on center curls of 1/4” to 1/2” diameter in three or four strokes.
CRL-33 CRL-44
Form the tightest and roundest curl in two strokes.
Use in place of CRL-44 to form and on center curl in three strokes.

Channel Dies

chn1 chn2
Forms flat bottom channels in one stroke. Release wedge on die and hook stripper on punch release the part. Recommended for channels with a web over 3/4″ wide. Release wedge on both punch and die aid in part removal.
Forms a 4-bend hat channel in one stroke. Pressure pad keeps the web flat and release wedge permits part to be removed. Hat channel die set with tapered sides to reduce required tonnage. Pressure pad keeps web flat in addition to aiding in part removal.
rcd5 rcd-10
Rocker dies can be useful when material has high tensile strength or overly large inside radius is required.

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