Offset Dies

American Style Offset Dies
These dies are designed to form a step in the material in a single stroke of the press. Dies range from semi-standard as shown below to completely special. Some tools have built in screw gauging, others may require a heel to prevent die deflection. Please fill out the “fill-in” drawing and send to us for a suggestion and tonnage estimate on the dies required to form your part.

os-1-8 os-3-16 os-1-4
OS-1/8 18 gauge OS-3/16 18 gauge OS-1/4 18 gauge
os-5-16 os-3-8 os-1-2
OS-5/16 18 gauge OS-3/8 18 gauge OS-1/2 18 gauge
os-5-8 os-3-4 os-1
OS-5/8 18 gauge OS-3/4 18 gauge OS-1 18 gauge

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