Component Parts – MH2MCO-EM
DWG No. Part No. Description Price
MH2MCO-EM Complete Assembly
MH2MCO-EMT Complete Assembly incl EMCK/CS/.50
MH2MJA-EMT Lower Clamp Assembly
MH2MJA-EMTS Lower Clamp Assembly Set Screw
 71368820 MH1MCP-18EM Handle/Cam-EM-10mm
 74571335 MH2MPA-EMT Clamp Base (thick)
 74161549 MH12MUJ Clamper 10mm
 74161549 MH12MUJ-S Clamper 10mm Set Screw
 74161575 MH3MUJ Clamp Plate
 74569336 MH2MCP-32 Stopper Plate
 74334706 MH3MCP-08 Lock Plate
 74335716 MH2MCP-28 Pressure Pin
 74335617 MH3MCP-04 Release Spring
 74383912 MH2MCP-30 Bolt
 74571118 MH2MCP-27 Pin & Set Screw
 74562190 MH2MCP-31 Parallel Pin
 31172625 MH6MCP-36 Parallel Pin
 74569335 MH7ARP-21 Flat Head Screws Pkg of 10
 74575238 MH2MCP-EMCK Kit-Sensor Handle Block
MH2MCP-EMCS Sensor for Clamp
 MH2MCP-EMCSB  Sensor Block

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