30 Degree Punches

Often called “Acute Dies” or “Knife Dies”, these air form tools are very versatile, allowing any angle up to approximately 30 degrees to be air formed. Often used as the first set up in a hemming application, these universal tools can be easily modified to special applications. Dies can be made with narrow shoulders as shown, or with a flat top to provide more strength for high tensile applications. Flat tops may be required to allow smaller dies to be flame hardened.


am-1 am-2
AM-1 16 gauge AM-2 14 gauge
AF-1/4 AF-3/8 AF-1/2 AF-5/8
AM-3 12 gauge


am-4 am-5
AM-4 9 gauge AM-5 3/16”
AF-1 AF-1 1/4 AF-1 1/2


am-rs am-rt
AM-RS 14 gauge AM-RT 14 gauge
AF-1/2 AF-5/8


am-f am-f-die
AM-F 20 gauge punch AM-F die

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