90 Degree Punches

These tools are the most widely used style to form 90-degree bends. Available in both bottoming and air form designs. The punches and dies are easily modified to allow greater return flange lengths, different radii, or to clear pre-formed extrusions, embosses, etc. It is often desirable to change the nose angle from the standard 90 or 85 degrees to 75 degrees or any angle required to allow high tensile material more spring back and still obtain the desired finish bend.

Standard Tongue Hook Tongue European Tongue

Narrow Punches and Dies

These economical punches are commonly used for light gauge sheet metal and short flange work. Punches and dies available in various styles.

  • Punch heights from 4-3/8″ to 5-7/8″
  • Die heights from 2-3/8″ to 4-3/8″
  • Die vee openings can be from 1/8″ – 5/16″
  • Tool angles can be either 90-degrees or 30-degrees
np-12punch nd-12
NP-12 Punch ND-12 Die

90 Degree Punches

m-a m-91
M-A 14 gauge M-91 14 gauge
F-1/4 F-3/8 F-1/2 F-5/8
m-92 m-93
M-92 12 gauge M-93 10 gauge
F-3/4 F-7/8 F-1 F-1 1/8
M-8A , 1/4”
F-1 1/4 F-1 1/2 F-2
m-8b m-8c
M-8B , 3/8” M-8C , 1/2”
F-3 F-4

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